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Better Broadway Icons is a place to post any icons related to Broadway or musical theater, movies included. Anyone can join, but you must apply and be accepted to earn posting access.
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1. Post only icons related to Broadway or musical theater. If you want to post something like a header or wallpaper, make sure there are some icons before putting it here. It is okay to post batches with some non-Broadway icons.
2. Post teaser icons before the cut or link. No more than three, no less than one.
3. Adhere to each individual icon maker's rules, such as commenting or crediting should they request it.
4. Tag your entries.
5. Bases are fine as long as there are icons with them.
6. Do not post requesting icons.
7. When applying for posting access, put the title of a musical in the subject line.

The mods are michechan, icicaille and euphoricapathy.

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